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Concrete is a hard building material made of cement, sand, aggregate, and water in a precise ratio. Concrete takes different amounts of time to solidify to a strong, rocky consistency. It is the consistency that defines whether the mix is ‘wet’ cast or ‘dry’ cast.
At Neddicky Industries we manufacture, Supply and Install a wide concrete products.
Our products are specially made to distinctly add value to any construction stage they are applied. Our product catalog is mainly made up of two main product lines
i.e. ‘wet’ cast or ‘dry’ cast Concrete Products.
Wet Cast
Wet cast is an easily flowing form of concrete with a high water to concrete ratio. In the precast business, wet cast concrete is frequently utilised. It is cast in forms, stripped, finished, and labelled before shipping. Larger, more intricate parts that require flow-ability in the concrete for the concrete to solidify around reinforcing and throughout the form are frequently cast wet. The maximum number of wet cast pours per day is two, and additional pours require specific mix formulations and additives.
Dry cast
Dry Cast On the other hand has a low water to cement ratio and no slump. You can pour numerous parts into one form without it deforming using this “Dry Process.” When the concrete has been removed, it looks like firm clay, and dries in about an hour. Dry cast usually is used for products such as box culverts, concrete pipes, manholes, and many others etc.

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